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  • These birds have wings yet won" t fly! Shocked-- then go scroll down the listto recognize even more interesting realities about the world" s 10 most uncommon flightless bird. Titicaca grebe The Titicaca flightless grebe or short-winged grebe (Rollandia microptera), is a grebe discovered primarily in Lake Titicaca which straddles the boundary in between Peru as well as Bolivia. Though it can" t fly, it is an outstanding diver. The upperparts of this flightless grebe are a black-brown colour. The chin, throat as well as foreneck are white. The neck is chestnut to dark sooty brownish. Takahē The Takahē or South Island takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri) is a flightless bird aboriginal to New Zealand. The species was believed to be extinct by the end of the nineteenth century, yet was uncovered by Geoffrey Orbell in Fiordland in 1948. The takahē is still taken into consideration critically endangered with less compared to 300 individuals. This stocky bird with minimized wings is the biggest living member of the Rallidae household. A grown-up actions 63 cm (25 in) and considers about 2.7 kg (6.0 pound). It is typically purple-blue in colour, with a greenish back and inner wings. It has a red-based pink costs and pink legs. Kiwi The kiwi is any of 5 species of the non-flying household of birds called ratites belonging to New Zealand. Two of the species are vulnerable, one is endangered, as well as one is critically jeopardized. They can be located in different sorts of habitats: farmland, ache woodland, scrubland, swamps, and also vegetated gullies. The varieties is identified by its round little body, brown cosy feathers as well as its modest whiskered face. Its wings are just about 1 inch (3 cm) lengthy and also are worthless, totally concealed under the plumes. Kiwis expand to concerning the dimension of a hen and evaluate between 3 and nine extra pounds. Cassowary The cassowary is a large, flightless bird dispersed throughout Northern Australia, New Guinea, and also surrounding islands. It is the heaviest bird in Australia and also the 2nd heaviest in the world after its relative, the ostrich. There are 3 types of cassowary-- the southerly cassowary, the north cassowary and also the dwarf cassowary. All 3 cassowary types have a casque that begins to develop in addition to their head at one to two years old. Adults stand between 1.5-2 metres in height. Adults are striking with their jet black plumage as well as bright blue neck with touches of red. Guam rail The Guam rail (Gallirallus owstoni) is a flightless bird, endemic to the USA territory of Guam. The last individual in the wild of this species died in 1987 following tragic decreases owing to predation by the introduced brown tree-snake. A restricted population survives as well as is currently being reproduced in bondage on Guam and also at some mainland UNITED STATE zoos. The types remains categorized as Extinct in bush up until an introduced population comes to be firmly developed. It is a medium-sized rail about 28 cm in total length. The upperparts are chocolate-brown. The underparts are disallowed black and white. The head as well as back are brownish. It has grey eyebrow, brownish iris and a dark blackish bust with white disallowing. The legs and beak are dark brownish. Galapagos Flightless cormorant The Galapagos Flightless Cormorant (Phalacrocorax harrisi) is just one of the rarest birds in the world due to the fact that it is the only cormorant that has shed the capability to fly. This cormorant is indigenous just to the Galapagos Islands. The unusual bird actions between 89-- 100 cm (35-- 40 in) in size and weighing 2.5-- 5.0 kg (5.5-11 lbs). The top body quill is blackish as well as the underparts are brownish. It has actually extended body, lengthy neck, long, connected bill, and brief set-back legs with huge, webbed feet. Tasmanian nativehen The Tasmanian nativehen (Tribonyx mortierii) is a stocky flightless bird discovered just in Tasmania. Although lots of flightless birds have a history of termination with the arrival of people, the Tasmanian nativehen has in fact taken advantage of the introduction of European design agricultural practices that offer simple food for grazing. Although they can not fly, they ready swimmers and also really rapid runners. They have been clocked at as much as 30 miles per hour. It stands between 43 and also 51 centimetres (17 and also 20 in) in length. The upper body is olive brown with a white patch on the flank. The underparts are darker with a blue grey shade. The costs is a green yellow colour. The brief tail as well as abdominal area are black. Campbell teal The Campbell teal (Anas nesiotis) is a tiny, flightless, nocturnal species of dabbling duck native to the Campbell Island team of New Zealand. Both sexes are sexually dimorphic in quill and size. Women are an evenly dark brown with a paler abdominal area, while males have an eco-friendly, iridescent head and back, with a chestnut coloured bust. Both sexes have dark brown eyes, noticeable white eye-patch, dark-grey bill, legs as well as feet. The Campbell teal is listed as Endangered because it has an extremely small population. Kakapo The Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus), additionally called owl or evening parrot, is an extremely uncommon bird discovered just in New Zealand. It is the globe" s rarest, heaviest, as well as the only flightless nighttime parrot. The varieties is known for its stunning mossy environment-friendly tuft bespeckled with brownish as well as yellow. It has extremely soft feathers and also an owl-shaped face. It has brief legs, huge grey beak, wings and feet. The tail is fairly brief. A grownup could measure from 58 to 64 centimeters (23 to 25 in) in size, as well as weight could vary from 0.95 to 4 kg (2 to 9 lbs). The Kakapo is critically threatened with just 126 known surviving birds as of March 2014. Hard to reach Island rail The Inaccessible Island rail (Atlantisia rogersi) is probably the coolest bird one should ever before see-- trendy in a sense that it resides on an island that is actually hard to reach. This varieties, the tiniest extant flightless bird in the world, is located just on Inaccessible Island in the Tristan Island chain. Unlike several various other islands, Unattainable Island has remained without presented predators, allowing this varieties to thrive without dangers. <a href="http://thedestinyformula.com">Animals</a> The varieties is defined by its brief black bill, red eyes as well as greyish legs. It has dark rusty-brown plumage on its upper body and dark grey on underparts. It has an average size of 17 centimeters (6.7 in) as well as weight of 30 g (1.1 oz).